About Unknown Blackbird

Unknown Blackbird is this blog. I enjoy documenting the lovelier side of life and sharing here, thereby creating a little happy spot for myself and hopefully others.

In the fall of 2012 I opened an Etsy shop with vintage, for home, to wear, and just for the love of old. It is Unknown Blackbird too. 

In the summer of 2012 I did a little experiment in suburban flower farming that was called Unknown Blackbird Flowers. Using sustainable methods (no synthetic fertilizers, no herbicides, no pesticides) I grew blooms in my own garden and in a nearby community plot. I applied my prior floral design experience to create arrangements and bouquets that I sold at a Columbus, Ohio area farmers market and to friends and neighbors. After a season full of learning, I found out late in the year that my husband and I would be relocating to Seattle, Washington in the spring of 2013. In Seattle I was able to find work in the field I went to school for, archaeology, so my flower farming/floral design career went on hold. Now we are back in Ohio, this time in Toledo and my current full-time plus over time job is mommy to my little girl who was born in August of 2014. I don't have plans to grow flowers for sale again at this time. But I do have wild dreams for the gorgeous garden I'd like to create all around our new home.

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