May 2, 2012

April Showers, and Hopefully Coming Up, May Flowers

Planting, planting, planting. That's what I've been up to. In between rains. These sweet peas went into the  ground about two weeks ago. Soaked overnight to help speed up germination. 
And look what I spied yesterday! And more popping up today. Hooray!
Putting these itty bitty little seeds in the ground has kind of felt like a gamble, so it's quite a relief to see things sprouting.
I am grateful to have someone helping me to hedge my direct-sowing bets. I contacted Joseph Swain of Swainway Urban Farm last month to see if he would be offering any annual flowers along with his certified organic veggie and herb seedlings. He replied his flower offerings would be limited, but that he'd be willing to help by starting some seeds for me. Though it's now approaching Ohio's frost free date, I do feel better knowing that in a few weeks I should have trays of seedlings in neat little rows to plant out that have had a chance to get going free from interference by meddling squirrels, flash-flooding rains, or freak late-season freezing temps.
More perennials from Oakland Nursery. And a delivery is on it's way for tomorrow from Bluestone Perennials.
Love azaleas. First one to go in the garden. Nearing the end of it's bloom time, it was a fabulous deal at Oakland. 
Parting shot of viola + moss by the front step.

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