June 4, 2012

Postcards From the Track

A week late, but some shots from the Brickyard. We had great seats, thanks to the friends we went with, or rather, their two preceding generations. Right across from pit row and just down from the Pagoda. We used to live in Indy, so this wasn't our first rodeo by any means. But it was our first time not in the infield.*
*"Not in the infield" is highly recommended if you've ever under any circumstance uttered the words "I'm too old for this", are claustrophobic, or don't like standing in a couple inches of ? when using the restroom.
At the biggest Memorial Day weekend party in the nation, they do an excellent job of reminding you what that extra day off is all about.
The flyover brings tears to my eyes every time. I think it might actually be the climax of the whole spectacle for me.
A day at the track just wouldn't be complete without one of these guys.
Oh, and really fast cars. Here they come!
There they go!

The day was bittersweet though. RIP Dan Wheldon. And there was someone else our little group missed far more. But we're as positive as we can be that he was there with us, just as in those crazy infield years past. There was one extra ticket this year. One empty seat. Can't imagine he would've passed it up...

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