September 29, 2012


Well, most of the annuals are out or are well on their way, but not the dahlias, of course. They are going strong, coming into their own. I got them planted later than I would have liked, so many of the plants are still covered in buds, just ready to break into full bloom. And the globe amaranth are still looking pretty lovely too. 
I think this might be my favorite bouquet of the whole season. Totally in love with the orange and brick red with the lavender-pink. So in love that I think this specific combination along with some similarly hued friends will be seen together in the garden next year.
I've got to get the dahlias labeled now so that I'll know who's who when I dig up the tubers to store for the winter. I made the mistake of throwing them all in a bucket last year, then added a couple new varieties this spring and planted them all in one bed, and some of the colors are definitely fighting each other in their current proximity. They're also too tall for the locale and I didn't stake them soon enough, so they're looking kind of unruly. So based on color, they'll be making their way to different spots in the garden next year and will be joined by some analogous and complimentary companions of different species. 
In case it's not obvious, I spent part of the day with my nose in a really good garden design book. Finally getting to that much needed planning, and learning a lot in the process. Optimistic next year's garden is going to be my best effort ever. 
But there's a couple seasons in the interim and I've been making some exciting plans for the indoor months. Stay tuned, details coming!

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