December 11, 2012

Exploration: Near Before Far

Last Friday, husband kind of took the day off (there were a couple of lengthy work phone calls in there) and we did a little culinary exploration/revisitation. As it turns out, we will indeed be moving in the spring, out west. Right now it's between Seattle, Portland, and Denver. He will be working in sales and the only constraint on our location is that it must be near a hub, so the final decision rests on my job prospects. I am looking for work related to my archaeology degree, and if I have a specific offer in hand, that's where we'll go. If the time comes and I haven't gotten a particular position, I think Seattle will be the winner. For several reasons including lifestyle, amenities, and potential prospects for me on both ends of my employment spectrum, the opposite of archaeology being flower-related. And Seattle is a hotbed for local flower love.
We paid a first-time visit to Commonwealth Sandwich Bar for lunch. Delicious. Will definitely miss the Columbus food scene, for it is top notch.
I had the Urban Cowboy involving pork shoulder, bacon and gorgonzola and Greg had the Chicken Club. We had slaw and fries on the side and a Mexican Coke. Mmmmmm cane sugar.
Next we drove down to German Village and peeped at Christmas decorations, then stopped into Pistacia Vera for macaroons and coffee to go. The classic pistachio is hard to beat. Good thing this place is safely at the other end of town.
It was rainy, so we decided to just come back to the cozy home until it was time to go out for a drink at House Wine and dinner (another first-time visit) at Pies and Pints here in Worthington, where on the whole, we were pleased with both the quality of pizza and beer. 

So not a let's-be-skinny day, but there was exercise had over the course of the weekend at least. 

More on the move as it becomes available.

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