April 8, 2013

Hi, Seattle. Nice to Meet You.

Meeting in a coffee shop followed by a little reading in a coffee shop. That's what people do here, right? At Ballard Coffee Works, searching for the middle way.

I enjoy mastering public transportation in strange cities, so after the coffee shop I headed over to the University of Washington's campus to the Burke Museum via bus.
And then on to Pike Place Market and on the way a little glimpse of the Needle.

It was like 3:00 and lunch had managed to elude me up to this point, so I devoured this duo from Pike Place Chowder.
I wandered around and admired the bounty, especially the seafood. Pretty dazzling when you've spent your whole life in the middle of the continent.

Then I slipped out the back...

and stumbled on the Gum Wall. Have to admit, for something so theoretically disgusting, it was actually kind of pretty.
One of the last shots of the day looking west over what I subsequently learned is the non-Earthquake proof, on-its-way-out Alaskan Way Viaduct towards West Seattle which I subsequently learned is to be our new home!

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