July 1, 2013

A Little Trip Way Back When, or Under the Puerto Rican Sun

Well there was no catching up here before, during or after the move and now it's been two months that I've been gone! Where to begin...
Well, we live in Seattle now! I wish I could say we're all settled in, but not quite, but almost. Putting the finishing touches on the house. Organizing, hanging things on the walls, swapping out some lighting, acquiring a few pieces of furniture and other odds and ends needed. The whole process has definitely not been smooth and stress free, but I'll go into the gory details another time. For now, here is a little album from the trip we took to Puerto Rico back in March.
We rented two adjoining condos in San Juan with three other couples, right across the street from the beach and complete with a rooftop pool, deck and barbecue. 
The first full day we went to the beach for a few hours and naturally, being super pale on top of just having come off the winter, got burnt to a crisp, so we spent the rest of the trip sheltering in the shade. But really the Puerto Rican shade is just as nice as the Puerto Rican sun.
The second full day we went to Old San Juan, first here, el Morro, the dating-all-the-way-back to 1539 Spanish fortification.
It's a very photogenic place. Fabulous light and colors.

This palm tree studded spit across the way was once a leper colony. I suppose if you have a horrible disease, there are worse places to live out your days.
We wandered around for quite awhile before we spied this big ship coming in and decided to beat all the people aboard to some refreshments.
Sightseeing and picture-taking along the way.

Next stop saw us all acquire souvenir fedoras. When in Rome.
By this time the streets were packed with cruise ship passengers so we decided to head for the hills.
We spent much of the rest of the trip poolside lounging,
view enjoying,
and making our fedoras look good. 
We did return to Old San Juan the last day for a little more sightseeing and souvenir shopping.

Snoozing street kitties everywhere. All looking well-fed and quite satisfied with their existences.

It was really a great trip. It was nice to be able to cook for ourselves part of the time as both condos had (nearly) fully outfitted kitchens. Each couple got their own bedroom and bathroom. (I think a little privacy is key to contentment when vacationing with friends.) There was a washer and dryer, which rocked. We didn't have to share the pool with strangers. The beach was oh so close. But the best part of all was the time spent with some of our favorite people.

Back to stay, the next post shall be sooner than later.

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