August 3, 2013

Tee Hee

I have to admit I'm a Grumpy Cat fan.

This photo is a good one to accompany the brief version of our move story. We left Columbus on Friday morning with the pup, kit, two suitcases, and all the remaining space crammed full of an assortment of random things that didn't/shouldn't/couldn't make it onto the moving truck, including a few houseplants I decided to try to drag along (the movers wouldn't take those).  

Driving 12 to 14 hour days we beat it across country in order to make it here to close on the new house and to meet our stuff which was supposed to arrive Tuesday. We got in to town late Sunday night. Monday morning we were awoken by a call informing us that our worldly possessions hadn't left Ohio yet because the driver's truck had broken down. We got the keys to the new house and decided to do a little painting to pass the time till our things arrived, commuting out to West Seattle from our South Lake Union hotel which we stayed on in to keep ourselves and the pets comfortable as we quickly decided that's the least the moving/relocation companies could do to make things up to us.

Well, the truck didn't leave Monday or Tuesday, but sometime between then and Friday it got up and running, that was the day that the driver called to let us know he would deliver on Monday, Memorial Day. Ugh. So on a solidly rainy day boxes and furniture got schlepped in where upon we discovered that most everything had been firstly poorly packed and then secondly poorly handled on top of the insult of being a week late. Dirty upholstery, dinged edges, broken into pieces, it was a bit hard to take. On the bright side we got unpacked quickly so as to assess the damages. We still have to submit for reimbursement where necessary, but supposedly it will all be made right. I hope as we've already replaced most of what needed replacing.

One day during our hotel stay we walked into Whole Foods for some snacks and meandered past the bakery where we spotted this buttercream (or whatever) masterpiece. No, we didn't buy it but it did seem appropriate to the situation and kind of tickled us pink.

Anywho, all is well now. Nearly settled!

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