October 5, 2013


I have been over utilizing ye olde iPhone in my documenting of life of late while my "real" camera that I spent so long pining for has been collecting dust. In preparation for the slew of photography I plan to do in the very near future to get Unknown Blackbird on Etsy stocked up, I started doing a little experimentation yesterday, using my inherited copy of Anne of Green Gables as subject.
I watched the 1980s adaptations of the Anne books with Megan Follows on a regular basis growing up. I came across the dvd box set a few years ago and now try to revisit Avonlea once a year, usually in the fall. Last week was the week, which inspired this "shoot".

A little present from past me pressed between the pages.
I think 10 year old me was too caught up in the ruffles, bows and other trappings of early 20th century PEI life to notice, but in retrospect, that Gilbert Blythe was "a fine young man." To quote Marilla. ;)

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