August 29, 2015

Do This with Zucchini

A former boss brought this bread to work one day to share. And it was so good, I asked for the recipe. And she brought me a real live photo copy of the page from the magazine. Because this was way back in the dark days before Pinterest. I don't think I have the photocopy anymore. One or two moves ago I gave up on my recipe box and merged it with my iPhone, like every other aspect of life. But I do have it pinned now. And I think everyone else in the northern hemisphere experiencing prime zucchini season should too.
So here is the link to Yogurt Zucchini Bread with Walnuts from Food & Wine. I have done some experimenting and the only thing I really recommend doing different than as written is splitting the flour half all-purpose and half whole wheat. I think the best loaf I ever made (which just happens to be the one pictured), I used low fat, (6%) yogurt from this Ohio creamery, but non-fat as called for is just fine. However, do not use whole milk yogurt, I did the last time because it's what I had and the texture was way too heavy and crumbly vs light and fluffy like it comes with the lower fat percentage. Finally, I have grated the zucchini both coarse and fine. I think here in the best loaf ever it is fine cause it's kind of hard to even see those little green flecks. No real difference to note as far as quality of the bread. I think I like obvious flecks. Guess it just depends on if you need the zucchini to fly stealth or not. ;)

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