January 17, 2013

Hey, 2013. I've Got a Good Feeling About You.

Uh-mazing sunset last night. Just glanced up and there it was. (Color not enhanced in anyway, promise. All mother nature.)

I've jumped into 2013 with both feet. Trying to be more productive, mainly by dragging myself out of bed before the sun is up every weekday. Working on two archaeology-related volunteer projects to get myself reinvolved while I hunt for jobs in the field. Going to two yoga classes weekly and so happy to be getting the kind of instruction I've always hoped for, laying the foundation for a true understanding and practice. Plus getting other forms of exercise as I can squeeze them in in anticipation of a March trip to Puerto Rico(!). Eating less and more nutritious things after glutinous holidays. Getting our house ready to put on the market in a month or so including getting rid of stuff, stuff, stuff, so much stuff. Looking forward to moving with only the things we need and love, no extra baggage.  

So that's just to name a few. But not working on my blog or even taking many photos (with nice new camera or even phone) has been bugging me, because I love the creative outlet. So I've finally returned. 

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