January 21, 2013

Faux Spring Better Than No Spring

Forcing some bulbs because of course this time of year in Ohio leaves one feeling pretty bloom-deprived. And thinking so doing will fulfill the "fresh flowers help sell your house" thing in a budget and eco friendly way since I have a bunch of these guys (fritillaria) plus tulips and hyacinths just biding their time in the garage. House isn't quite on the market yet, but only a few weeks till it will be.

It's not a Benjamin Button fritillaria, I lead with the impressive full bloom shots. :)
I started off with them in an old aluminum bundt pan, but things got too rusty, so transferred to this vase which is better support-wise anyway as they are a bit taller than expected.
Parrot tulips going too in a couple old apothecary jars. 
Loving the silver and glass with some twigs mixed in. Feel like it mirrors the outside world right now.

PS Changed up the look of the blog a little (finally made a header!). 

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