March 12, 2013


Not quite here yet as there were snow flurries floating through the air today. And still more to come apparently. But the bulbs I worked so hard to get in the ground last fall are getting on with it anyway. Crocuses appeared out of nowhere over the weekend and were soon joined by at least the start of pretty much everything else. 

We depart for our long-awaited trip to Puerto Rico on Saturday, so I'm honestly not too upset with the delayed spring, just feel bad for everyone stuck with it. 

House-hunting trip to Seattle had its ups and downs. We settled on West Seattle as our area of choice and proceeded to find our dream house while going around to open houses on Sunday, hours before we took red-eyes, me to home, Greg on with business. Alas, we put in an offer, but were beat out by another. And this week we saw another good candidate come and go without getting the chance to throw our hat in the ring at all. So heading back out there just after our vacation, hopefully to have more luck on the second try.

Share some Seattle exploration pics soon.

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