February 21, 2013

People in Glass Houses

is what we were. Almost two Saturdays ago Greg's parents were in town and we paid a visit to Franklin Park Conservatory. We've been a few times. It's wonderful this time of year when one is in need of some green therapy. The amazing installation above is part of an exhibit called Sacrifice + Bliss by Aurora Robson. All of her work is created with what otherwise would be considered garbage: bits of plastic, junk mail, packaging. 

Fairy bunny house. I think there was a train running around here.
 Amazing staghorn ferns.

A taste of the orchid display to come.
An aloe tree and some sort of cactus in the desert biome, quite Dr. Seuss-ish.

Backlit on glass.
In the Palm House.
One of two incredible, (nearly) identical Chihuly pieces.
Every year about this time they do an incredible orchid display.
Air plants for a little interest.


under study.

Great combination.
More Chihuly glass in the Pacific Island Water Garden. 

And koi, koi, koi. I love koi.

Wonderful gift shop too stuffed full of plants and books, two of my favorite things on earth.
Finally, more of the Sacrifice + Bliss exhibit.

Lovely couple of hours whiled away on a Saturday afternoon. :)

After a frantic week or so, our house is on the market. Headed to Seattle on Sunday to meet my new city, explore career options, and do a little house hunting. So excited!

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