September 29, 2013

Island Hopping Part 1: Bainbridge

Greg's parents came to visit in June and we hopped on the ferry for the first time and crossed the Sound over to Bainbridge Island to commence exploration of our new territory.

West Seattle from the water. I heard someone refer to it the other day as "The Rock". :) Our little piece of it is towards the right, near the top, just down the west slope a little. 
We started off with tasty sandwiches for lunch at Hitchcock Deli
Then headed north out of town to the Bloedel Reserve. The Reserve is the former estate of a timber man who loved gardening and, along with his wife (and I'm sure more than a little help in addition), spent his retirement turning one portion of the property after another into something unique from the other parts and in perfect harmony with the setting.
A nice path winds all the way around the property. We spent somewhere in the neighborhood of two or three hours including time to see the house, which is open to the public too.

Duck rear ends. They must have been hungry, they just kept showing their best sides. 

I took it from somewhere that there is a cutting garden on the property where all these beauties came from, but it wasn't on trail and even the docent in the house said she hadn't seen it.

Probably the last azalea in bloom. There are tons throughout the property, no doubt so beautiful a little earlier in the year.
One of the last stops on the tour, the Japanese garden with guest house. 

If I remember right, before, this was the pool house and swimming pool.

There is a nice gift shop in the gatehouse which we had a quick look through. And then it was back across to the city.

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