September 9, 2013

Westward Ho!

As I mentioned previously, we left Ohio and hauled across the country in three long days and two short nights in order to be on time to meet our possessions in Seattle, which proved to be a most unnecessary effort as the moving truck didn't arrive until seven days after expected. 
So we didn't take much time for sightseeing along the way, and therefore there is little photographic documentation of the journey. But we did spend a little extra time in South Dakota, first to see what those bumper stickers are all about (but didn't get the memo they were free, so we missed out on that souvenir)...
then we raced a thunderstorm in order to get the chance to pay a visit to these stony-faced men. 

Then it was back in the car and off to Montana, where our lodgings awaited hundreds of miles down the road.
The storm eventually caught up, but treated us to a rearview rainbow.
Clear, big skies somewhere in Montana.
Obligatory road trip fast food burger and fries in Idaho. 
And finally in Washington, entering the Cascades, we found this windfarm at dusk to be rather trippy, so we put on some Pink Floyd, summited, and then coasted down the other side into Seattle.

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