December 4, 2013

Island Hopping Part 2: Vashon

While my dad was visiting back in August, we set sail one fine afternoon for Vashon Island. The ferry for Bainbridge leaves from downtown, but the one for Vashon leaves from right here in West Seattle. Nice to not have to drive over a body of water to then turn around and float back across it before heading on to your destination. 

We drove around for a little while and ended up at Point Robinson Lighthouse. Here's a nice history of the place.
It's only open to the public on Sundays and lucky for us it happened to be Sunday so we got to see inside. 

Besides the view, I admired some of the architectural details on the way up. 

Love these nice old bronze survey benchmarks.
We walked along the beach a bit and admired some gorgeous driftwood constructions.

Then made our way back the other direction to have a look at a couple more permanent structures, the two keeper's quarters which are available to rent.
I really loved Vashon. It seemed less touristy than Bainbridge, more just bucolic and peaceful. Had me wanting to return to the farming life. Or at least the more serious gardening life.

More attempts to catch up the blog to real time coming soon! I swear. Hopefully that will mean a holiday post before March! :)

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