December 17, 2013

West Seattle Garden Tour

Not exactly a seasonally appropriate subject, in fact as it's pretty much the opposite of the height of the growing season and smack in the middle of the holidays, it's not really timely at all. But as I'm trying to progress chronologically through my backlog of posts and thoughts of what to do garden-wise next year are already creeping into my mind, what the heck. It was still fun to look over shots from warmer days and dream.
Back in July we got tickets for the West Seattle Garden Tour. We saw a talk and arranging demonstration by Debra Prinzing, the queen of "slow flowers" and then made it around to a few of the gardens.
Beyond that, I guess the pictures speak for themselves.

Below are just down the street. Let the record state we scored the smallest house on the smallest lot in the neighborhood. We've been here just long enough I don't feel totally out of my element anymore. :)

Going to try to take some photos of our holiday decorations today and break with the chronological order to bring something that pertains more to December.

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