May 21, 2014


Happy Day 18
Well, I've gotten a little behind in posting them here (going to try to play catch up over the next few days), but over on Instagram, I have been sticking with my 100 Happy Days project. It feels good!

A week and a half ago was the West Seattle community-wide garage sale, with something like 280 sales! We had ambitious plans to go around hunting for some of the bigger baby items. We didn't get too late of a start, but after a couple of hours walking around our immediate neighborhood, we determined that all the really early birds got the juicy worms. Silly tired (from walking up a couple of embarrassingly small hills) and famished we threw in the towel and went to brunch.

But of course I had to buy something and shockingly that something was a book. I am really coming to accept it's not in the reading or even necessarily looking at the pictures, it's the collecting. (That was a confession of sorts. :) )

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