May 8, 2014

On the Job

Happy Day 15
Yesterday I monitored some utility work on an old farmstead that also happens to be an archaeological site, the whole of which is being turned into a new park with trails and sports fields and playgrounds and the like. The 1911 (I believe) house is still standing on the property. I saw photos of it in a report and immediately fell in love and was pretty excited to see it in person.  
So during lulls in the action I took some gratuitous photos. Look at those diamond-shaped shingles in the gables and the window casings!
Very happy when I saw this.
And it definitely needs some love. It's festooned with knob and tube wiring and I do believe all the water pipes are run on the outside too. i.e. electricity and indoor plumbing are not original elements.
The fog burned off and the sun came out and it stopped looking so ominous.
On my way out of town I caught site of this old railroad tressel. How could I pass up that sign and that setting?

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