March 9, 2015


We suddenly and unexpectedly found ourselves forced to say goodbye to our sweet Piper two weeks ago Saturday. In a matter of days, practically hours, the overenthusiastic dog she'd been her entire life faded away. She physically couldn't be herself any more. It wasn't fair to make her struggle to try. She had just turned 11 on the 14th. We thought we had more time with her. We thought she'd be coming back to Ohio with us. We thought that Ida would have a chance to really get to know her first doggy, she was just beginning to show interest in her. 
I know she had a good life, she lived and was loved. But I know I took her for granted. I would cash in the clean floor that I spent far too much time trying to keep free of her fur for just one more walk. I wish there had been time for one more of all her favorite things. One more tossed ball to chase down, one more spaghetti noodle to slurp up. But all I can do is try to find peace in the good memories and the fact that it all happened so quickly that there wasn't much time for suffering on her part or agonizing over the decision on ours.

Rest in Peace, Pup.

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