June 22, 2015

In 7,(6,5,4,)3...

Happy Days 62 and 63
I WILL reach 100 here. (I am not a quitter!) I think this is about when I stopped tagging pics on Instagram with #100happydays, but the hashtag or lack thereof doesn't really matter. Like I said when I began, it was the meditation on gratitude that made the project so appealing to me. And that sentiment is stronger than ever now, almost a year (!) later, reminiscing on the days just before and the weeks after I became a mommy as I finish up the project.
I believe the first pic was exactly a week before Ida arrived and the second two just a couple of days. It was the height of beautiful weather in Seattle, so it would have been criminal not to get out and enjoy even though by this time the stroll down the street and back left me huffing and puffing and ready for a bowl of ice cream.

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