June 21, 2015

You Will Do Better in Toledo

Our new city's slogan, it also describes how one far one's dollar will go in the real estate market here versus say, Seattle. This is our new home, a 1923 tudor with a colorful past (or rather, one set of previous owners were particularly colorful characters, I will tell that story soon). It is so big, a bigger house than we ever imagined we'd call home. But it's history, combined with my dream of owning and restoring an older home with original details intact, combined with a surprising lack of options on the market at the time we were hunting, made it the one.
These are just a few shots I took right after we took possession.
Thoughtful gifts from the previous owners. 
Dining room chandelier detail. 

We've been in the house for I'm not even sure how long now, and it's just within the last week or so finally starting to resemble a home, at least in spots.

I haven't given up on my little blog. Hopefully back again before another two months is out, but I probably shouldn't make any more promises at this point in my blogging career as they obviously don't really guarantee my consistency. :/

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