April 24, 2014

Big (Happy) News

Happy Day 1
My first happy day officially ended about 60 seconds ago. But because the subject is something SO happy (and exciting and scary), that I didn't know exactly how to announce it here before a wonderful way presented itself today, I am going for it while there's still wind in my sail. I am (we are) having a baby girl, due the 1st of September! More than halfway there at 21 weeks! 

Last week we jetted away to Hawaii for a babymoon. Thanks to the fact that Greg travels a LOT for work, we had miles and points at our disposal to help make such a thing possible. It was a wonderful few days of just being together and relaxing. We got back yesterday and I was feeling kind of bummed that the whole thing was over and on top of that, Greg had to immediately hit the sky this morning. I'd seen the #100happydays hashtag floating around and looked it up, and decided to jump on the bandwagon. A daily meditation on gratitude in visual form can't be a bad thing. Especially if a by-product is taking more photos of daily life and sharing them here, something I want to do badly anyway. I am using Instagram as my platform, but like I just said will also be posting the images here (daily!).

Today (ok yesterday) we received our first baby gift from my sweet co-worker, new mom herself, and fellow West Seattleite, Katie. A pretty floral bib and a hen and chick ring. I could not have chosen better! :) Right now everything-must-be-picture-perfect me is wondering how I'll ever allow either one to be drooled (or worse) on. But I'm sure I'll get over that right quick when the time comes!

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