January 6, 2015

Happy 2015

Hard to believe we're approaching a week in to the new year already! Our New Years Eve consisted of a bottle of prosecco and a PBS documentary. Pretty wild. Ida was up for a midnight snack and got in on the toast with a big bottle of milk. It was nice to all be together as a family to ring in the new year.
I didn't really make any hard and fast resolutions this year as my main focus will be watching an infant grow into a toddler and keeping her happy and healthy, and I know that will take most of my time and energy. Besides, I'm actually quite happy with the way things are at the moment. Of course there are some things I'd like to work on, but I've adopted a just-do-the-best-you-can, at-least-you-tried attitude and ditched the beat-yourself-up-when-things-don't-go-to-plan one.
I've already started working out as regularly as possible, doing a combination of yoga, running and strength training. I was lucky to emerge on this side of pregnancy with next to no weight to worry about, but weak as a kitten because I didn't keep up with exercise of any kind really, so I am mostly just trying to get stronger to make schlepping baby and all her gear to and fro a little easier. 
I could stand to clean up my diet some more, though I have been working on it despite the holidays. I have a serious baked-goods-for-breakfast habit at the moment. I'd like to start doing the baking myself to see to it that the goods I'm eating have some redeeming nutritional qualities.
I need to figure a way to get more sleep. Ida has been sleeping through the night practically since day one, but with breastfeeding/pumping comes the need to dispense milk almost round the clock and I've been using that as an excuse to stay up even later than I really need to. I am just a natural night owl which in turn makes me a living dead owl come 6:00 a.m. when well-rested baby is ready for breakfast.
I would like to actually blog in real time rather than on a six month or in some cases year or more delay, like I've been promising to get to the point of forever. These last few post about recent events have been so fun! There is actually an end in sight to the catch-up I've been doing. Hopefully I make it and then can keep things current.
I would like to get my Etsy shop truly back up and running. It sort of got put on the back burner when I got so busy with my day job. Task one is assembling a good photography setup.
I'd like to sew more and hopefully get better at it in the process.
I really want to actually finish reading a magazine or maybe even (dreaming big here) a book!
This summer I'd like to immerse myself in gardening and perhaps even try to learn more about flower farming. I realize now that should I decide to go back down that path or a similarly horticultural one again I probably ought to educate myself more first. There are so many great resources here, there's really hardly any better place to do so than the PNW. 
Finally I want to stop wasting so much time on the internet chasing rabbits and falling down rabbit holes. I'm definitely a compulsive email and social media checker and I'm constantly reading rubbish I don't really care about just because it popped up in front of my face. If I just put the phone down and walk away, maybe I'll achieve some of these other things. 
I think that's about it. Let's just say in 2015 E will be for effort! And now that it's 2:00 a.m., I should probably put my money where my mouth is and go to bed!

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