January 13, 2015

Port Angeles and Hurricane Ridge

Happy Day 57
While my Dad was visiting in late July/early August we did some National Park exploring. First, we drove out on the Olympic Peninsula to Port Angeles and then up to Hurricane Ridge within Olympic National Park. 
There's a nice waterfront walk in Port Angeles, so we strolled along there for a bit.
You can just make out Mount Baker above the horizon off the end of the pier.

We had lunch at Next Door Gastropub. Quite tasty sandwiches. Location-appropriate wall art.
The mountains rising up to the south of town, that's where we were headed next.
On our way up.
And only fifteen or twenty minutes and one very wind-y road after leaving town, incredible views every which way you look. Very accessible for those who aren't able to hike to get to scenery, like 8 month prego me at the time. We were there on a Sunday and it was busy, but not so crowded as to be annoying. There's a nice visitor center too, with facilities and a gift shop and a little cafĂ©. 

We did decide that the Peninsula would be better as an overnight than a day trip from Seattle. It was a pretty long day driving over and back again both, and we ran into a lot of traffic coming back on Sunday evening, all converging at the same three or four bottlenecks. But still, it was worth it to get to take this in!

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