January 31, 2015

Mount Rainier

Happy Day 59
Our second National Park excursion during my Dad's visit was down to Mount Rainier.
Pictures can barely convey just how big this mountain is. All 14,000 feet and some change. It is still an incredible site to behold to this midwestern girl.
We drove in the southwest entrance and our first stop was Longmire to take in some classic NPS architecture. 

We then continued upward, stopping to take in the sights as we went.
Lots was easily accessible from the road, so again, as with our trip to Olympic National Park, not too much hiking was required of rotund moi.

Note the humans there in the middle for a sense of scale!
As the afternoon went on the top of the mountain became more and more shrouded in clouds, but still beautiful. 
We made it up to the Paradise Area then called it a day and turned around and headed back down.

Well I'm glad for the chances we had this past summer to get out and enjoy Washington's natural beauty. We thought we would have at least one more to go here before Greg got reassigned to a new role within his company, and we were already starting to make plans for this summer's PNW exploration. But just within the last couple of weeks we've learned that we'll be moving on much sooner. Within a couple of months we'll be back in Ohio, this time in Toledo where Greg's company is headquartered (we had our fingers crossed we'd be able to go back to Columbus but no such luck this time). So it's going to be a crazy spring and early summer. Though I will miss the beautiful surroundings, with baby it will be nice to not be quite so far from family and friends and we are also looking forward to being able to afford a bigger home to spread out in. We are definitely cramped in our little two bedroom bungalow. So here we go, let the next adventure begin! 

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