April 10, 2012

Learning to Fly

The title of my first post here is in reference to two great songs that relate the spirit of Unknown Blackbird. Moving forward, living the dreams, but clinging to the sweetest memories. I'm very excited to begin making this little spot on the internet truly my own, my virtual home. 
I thought I'd start off with some snaps from the front garden of some early bloomers. We had a very warm March, and things really got growing. We've had some low thirties at night recently, but no harm done, and luckily we are almost out of the woods as far as frost goes. Above, icelandic poppies. On Saturday there was one, then yesterday another, and today three bright faces. 
The buds on the dwarf korean lilacs are just on the verge of opening. There are no old-fashioned lilac bushes in the yard (yet), but I must say I was impressed last year with just how sweet-smelling, not to mention pretty, these guys are. And I have to admit they have a tidier habit than their cousins the rest of the year.
And finally my poor columbine, stripped of every last leaf by some unknown critter a couple of weeks ago. I know I need to cut it back and give it the chance to recover, but it just seemed a shame to waste all those pretty buds.

In other garden news, right now we are in the process of distributing a ginormous pile of compost from Price Farms Organics to all the existing garden beds. I'm also working to find sources for organically grown annuals and perennials in order to get planting as soon as possible. Hopefully there will be a new compost bin and a rain barrel in the near future too. I am still figuring out the details surrounding Unknown Blackbird Flowers as a business. I am very excited to just get growing. Once the blooms arrive, I know I'll have a better idea how everything else will follow from there.

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