April 18, 2012

New England Weekend

Well, we had a fabulous weekend out east. The wedding we attended was beautiful and the reception was one of the most fun ever. We arrived in Providence around noon and drove straight down to Newport, had lunch and wandered about.

Salve Regina is the alma mater of the bride. This is the administration building. I'm jealous, the University of Illinois has some lovely buildings, but...

Interior of the administration building.

And the back, facing the Atlantic.
On to the legendary Cliff Walk.

We always thought we were cabin on the lake people, but this palazzo on the ocean just spoke to us. Let me introduce you to the little summer getaway we picked up while we were in town. Ok, not really. This is (was) the Vanderbilt's place, The Breakers.
In the spirit of The Life Aquatic. Imagine a red stocking cap and a blue jumpsuit.
Couldn't get overly distracted by the view along this stretch.

Eventually we left the sea behind and made our way back to town. Then it was on to Westerly, site of the celebration the next day.
Following some late night fun with the bridal party and other guests Friday night, we found ourselves in need of some brunch Saturday morning prior to getting ready for the big day. By recommendation of the bride, we made our way to the Ocean House in Watch Hill. Here is a bit on the resort's interesting past and rebirth.
Most beautiful breakfast room with the most beautiful view.
A bloody mary with personality. Tasty too.
Edible art.
Lobster omelet with the tastiest potato pancakes I've ever had. The tomatoes were dressed in a vinaigrette and were a lovely little accompaniment. Husband had yummy granola apple pancakes. And we had scones and bread that were ever so delish too.
Freshened up, then wedding time.

All the beautiful Easter flowers still brightening the church. It smelled wonderful!

Reception at the yacht club. We literally danced until I dropped. (Husband partied on.) My feet were aching Sunday, luckily the day involved lots of sitting. Congrats again to the couple!

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