April 24, 2012

Scioto Gardens

Well, husband and I had plans to be very productive in the yard and garden this past weekend, but the weather had other ideas. It was rainy and windy and chilly and just no good. But on Sunday, we did make the trip up to Delaware (,OH) to visit Scioto Gardens. I came across this lovely nursery searching the web for Ohio plant producers using organic or as-close-to-organic-as-possible practices. 
All plants are grown outside for maximum hardiness, and no greenhouse means energy savings too. Also note the nice big rain barrel at the back of the barn. 
 They focus on plants that are native to the region,
 with some other sorts of specimens thrown in for fun.
This was our haul: hydrangea, liatris, phlox, bee balm, male fern, japanese painted fern, and larkspur. All good for cutting.
The wind really kicked up while we wandering around making selections and then it started raining a bit. Yucky.
Before the weather turned for the worse, a sweet kitty visited us while we were walking around, but I was too busy petting him or her to take his or her picture, however we were parked right next to this napping fellow or lady, so I couldn't leave without taking the opportunity to snap at least one fuzzy portrait.
The drive up and back on Olentangy River Road/315 was very pretty despite the weather. As the name suggests, the route runs immediately adjacent to the river. Lots of old farm houses and associated buildings interspersed with ritzy new subdivisions. I fell in love with this property for several reasons. One, amazing architectural detail. A true Victorian. Wish the carved doors were visible in this photo. Two, dilapidated and decayed condition. Couple one and two and I immediately become obsessed with the infinite potential. Three, just to the right of the house out of view was a pretty expansive open field complete with a greenhouse. A proper spot for a flower farm.
Husband said "no dice".
It's a beautiful, but slightly windy and chilly day today. I should be out working the dirt, planting the recent purchases, etc. not interneting. So, I'm off.

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