August 6, 2012

Time Flies

Above nor below are pictures from Colorado. In the interim between the last post and this one, I resigned from my "day" job in retail, went to the doctor about 50,000 times, to the ER once, had a great birthday weekend in Chicago with friends, turned a year older, almost had surgery, then at the last minute followed a hunch or intuition or whatever and sought confirmation, which I received, that I had in fact healed myself, therefore requiring no further intervention from the medical community. Hopefully for a very long time. I got my fill of intervention. 
Above is celosia.  
So with all that going on, staying caught up on life has been a bit of a challenge. Blogging no exception. But I'm back here now and I sincerely hope to be around a lot more often. 
Celosia again, too short for arranging, drying. Let the seed saving begin! 
I am really excited that I can be fully devoted to Unknown Blackbird Flowers for the remainder of the season. There's a ton of work I both have to and would very much like to get done yet this year. I hope to do better at recording efforts here. And life in general too. 
Ageratum. Right before we left for Chicago a storm came through and knocked most of the plants helter skelter. I didn't have the chance to stake them up until we returned, so in the meantime, a bunch of bent stems. The moral of this whole story? When life gives you bent-stemmed ageratum, make a wild, tangly, lovely bouquet. 
Colorado pics tomorrow. Oops, make that later today.

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