August 9, 2012

Rocky Mountain Highs Day One, Vail and Sylvan Lake

Creek flowing through Vail Village from the Covered Bridge.
Beautiful planters and beds everywhere.
Brunch at La Tour where one half of our hosts is executive chef.
After some hiking and rafting-appropriate footwear shopping, a late afternoon drive up to Sylvan Lake State Park for a little hike/altitude adjusting. Cabin porn along the way. And some happy Colorado cows too.
The lake.
Lupine. Oh, the Colorado wildflowers.
Breaking in the Chacos. 

So it wasn't "today", but it's not three weeks later either. Back soon with the rest of the trip. 
Off to Illinois (where husband and I both hail from) this weekend to help warm a house and be received by some folks who got married, in other words to party!!!

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