August 26, 2012

Rocky Mountain Highs Day Two, Leadville, Turquoise Lake, and Red Cliff

Up, up, up...

Leadville - faded, Old West, rugged, gloriousness.

And oh, the views.
My grandfather was an Odd Fellow and my grandmother was a Rebekah in Fisher, Illinois circa the mid-twentieth century. I scored a sweet Odd Fellows' ceremonial collar just down the street at Western Hardware Co., a fabulous, stuffed-full antique store in an equally fabulous historic building, right before spotting the lodge from whence it most likely came.
Poppies attempting to masquerade as alpine weeds.
The architecture, gah. Ombré chapel.
Painted lady.
Well weathered cabin porn. And that view again.
After we finished roaming Leadville, we headed on to Turquoise Lake for a little hike. 
Incredibly low water, like thirty feet low.
Makes for excellent rock stacking opportunities.
Last stop of the day, Mango's Mountain Grill for a bit of dinner and a couple of drinks in Red Cliff, tiny town sandwiched between two towering red cliffs...
spanned by one amazing bridge.
Missing the mountains. One trip and I'm hooked. Sigh.


  1. When you drove to Sylvan Lake, you were practically in my backyard! My stomping grounds -- all of these lovely places!

    Natalie (former Worthington Girl)

  2. Natalie! I owe you a long overdue email! Thank you so much for contacting me. I will be in touch!