December 6, 2014

Date Night

Happy Day 49
Pizza in Seattle is bad. All but five places specialize in wood fired pizza and three of those five (estimates based on my own meticulous research) do some sort of kinda-New York style. Wood fired pizza in and of itself isn't bad, but being from the midwest, we desperately miss the deep dish and the thin and crispy and cut into little squares varieties. The remaining two pizza places here that don't do wood fired do deep dish, and one of those just didn't cut it for us. The other, Kylie's Chicago Pizza in the Fremont neighborhood is actually quite good. This was our first time trying it out and we've gone back whenever the opportunity has presented itself. Desperately wish it was located in West Seattle instead of up north (see previous post for reason).     
Besides discovering (in our humble opinion) the best pizza in Seattle, our evening also included a stroll under the Aurora Ave. Bridge to visit this guy,
the Fremont Troll.

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