December 7, 2014

Good Things in Small Vases

Happy Day 50 
This was the point in the summer when things got a little hectic. I was trying to finish up with my last bit of work before baby-induced retirement which I was hoping to begin before we played host to a series of summer visitors. Though there were plenty of happy moments and things, I just didn't always get the chance to document them. And then came baby. But I do have lots of pics from the rest of the summer and fall, some I actually tagged, some I didn't. So I'll just keep counting happy days here and am going to try to resume formal daily observation of the good stuff till I hit 100. Gratitude seems like a good thing to be reminded to practice regularly this time of year anyhow.
I think I'd been without flowers on the dining room table for awhile so I decided to fix that right quick by gathering this tiny little arrangement of astilbe, cosmos, and salvia from the garden. 

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