December 22, 2014

Back to Vashon

Happy Days 54 & 55
We took both our friends and Greg's family, who were our next summer visitors, over to Vashon Island. Both times we returned to Point Robinson Lighthouse. 
Like I mentioned before I really, really love Vashon. Occasionally for kicks I go looking at real estate online wherever I happen to be curious about at the time. So after being on the island with our friends I checked out what was on the market there. I came up with a four bedroom 1914 farmhouse on just over two acres, the asking price of which was the same as we paid for our little two bedroom on a postage stamp in West Seattle. (Above photo isn't of that house, these are the keeper's quarters at Point Robinson. Unfortunately I didn't think to take any pictures while we were viewing the place.) The listing made no bones about it being a project, but as it sounded like just the kind of thing I desperately want to take on some day, I made an appointment with the agent and we went and saw it. 
Not that we could have taken anything like it on two months before becoming parents, even if our bank account came anywhere close to allowing it, which it does not. But it was fun to practice walking through a house with an eye towards restoration. It was truly everything I could have hoped for, enough original detail remaining to make it totally worth saving (down to the original, gorgeous wood burning stove in the kitchen), yet enough of a hard case as to be uninhabitable as is (one of everything needed in the new systems department). And a beautiful setting to boot. No view (mountain or water), but surrounded by meadow and woods and complete with a pond. It will definitely go down in the "ones that had to be let get away" category. Though I don't think it actually sold, just got taken off the market for winter. If nothing else, it gave me something to obsess about until baby came along. 
Both days that we went visibility was excellent. The view of Mount Rainier from Point Robinson is pretty spectacular.
Mount Baby and Mount Rainier. 
When we were there with Greg's parents, there was a little tiny car show going on downtown. I wish I'd taken more pictures of all the different models. I kept picturing anthropomorphized animals driving them out for a picnic. :)

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